Before you book with Holaflats, please make sure you are aware of the rental terms below.

Cancellation policy

If only one room in an apartment is rented, holaflats will offer to the tenant another room in one of their other apartments if available. Holaflats reserve the right to cancel, giving the prospective tenant at least 1 month's notice.

If for any other reason Holaflats needs to cancel a booking, we will inform the prospective tenant/s as soon as possible and at least one month before the contract start date.

If you leave your room/apartment before the contract is finished, the remaining months would become payable by you unless you can find someone to take over the contract. If you cancel before the contract start date and up to one month before the date of entry, the deposit will be returned. After this, the deposit would be retained by holaflats.


Photographic identification should be provided to holaflats before the contract start date. Accepted forms of identification include passport and government issued identification card.

Most of our rooms are doubles and the prices shown are for single occupancy.

To reserve your room, a deposit equal to one month's rent is payable to holaflats via bank transfer. This will be returned to you 24 hours after checkout, providing there is no damage to the apartment or outstanding bills.

When your contract ends and you leave the apartment, the rooms and shared areas should be left clean and tidy and in the same state they were when you checked in.

Holaflats reserve the right to inspect the apartment with 48 hours notice if we have reason to believe there may be a problem or we receive complaints from neighbours.

Rent is to be paid to holaflats within the first 3 working days of the month.

Our apartments are in residential areas. Please respect the neighbours, no parties or excessive noise between 11pm and 8am. If these terms are broken the police may be called and holaflats reserves the right to terminate the contract of the tenants.

No person may occupy or share the occupation or live in any room or premises on a long term basis other than the tenant.

Overnight guests under the age of 18 are not permitted.

Tenants are responsible at all times for the conduct of their visitors and guests.

Consequently, if the guests of any tenant breaks any of the rules, or causes any damage to the property the tenant will be responsible. The guest may also be asked to leave the accommodation without any notice. 

There is no problem if one friend occasionally shares your room overnight (for a maximum of 3 nights) but this must be agreed with holaflats prior to your guests stay. To arrange this please email with the name of your guest/s and the dates of their stay.

Tenants are not permitted to sub-let, to advertise their room for letting on websites or noticeboards, or allow other students to live in their room without prior permission from holaflats.

Small fixtures and fittings such as light bulbs, batteries for remote controls, toilet and sink blockages are the responsibility of the tenants.

Smoking is not permitted except on the balconies.

For our 3 bedroom beach apartments and our Pianista apartment, the cost of bills are €60 per person per month including monthly cleaning of the shared spaces. For our 2 bedroom centro apartment the cost of bills are €85 per person per month. There is a fair usage policy - if the bills are much higher than this then you may have to pay the difference.

Damage to communal areas will be billed to all tenants, damage to rooms will be billed to individuals.